J+K w/ English texts booklet
J+K w/ English texts booklet

Remember when everyone went gaga for every new Acme Novelty by Chris Ware and its mix of craft, formalism, and cartooning? Yeah, well, the latest work by John Pham is just as good as that… Better, even. Precision risograph color work, multiple inserts, funny comics, stupid comics, great comics.


Sammy is right! And I should know. John Pham is one of my very favorite cartoonists on Earth and this book is his finest yet, a jam-packed tour de force of colorful, glowing generosity and love of life that Mr. Pham gets down on paper better than any cartoonist of his generation. Buy one right now before it's too late; I guarantee you will be absolutely thrilled by it.


J+K was the winner in the first edition of Puchi Award.

Somehow halfway between Peanuts and Seinfeld, enhanced with many extra contents & inexhaustible in its own simplicity, J+K is a comic where handcraft binding and risograph printing are essential to its core, a work of art that celebrates pop culture and its fetishes —magazines, vinyls, videogames— to relate the misadventures of two orphan girls (+ their pet alter egos) in a shopping mall. J+K leads to empathy, laughter and existential moods, taking the reader to a thoughtful yet joyful place that can be experienced with all five senses, just as the ironically perfect consumption object this is.


Published in a limited print run, every copy also includes a signed and numbered (1 to 275) risographed bookplate, whilst stocks last. Check the plates left here.

*** Usual shipping rates are 5 euro to the UE and 15 euro to the rest of the world. This can take 2 to 5 weeks to reach the target and includes up to 2 kg (2-3 books) per parcel. Only 1,5% parcels get lost in the way. Nevertheless, due to its piece unique condition, we also reccomend registered and insured shipping (25 to 40 euro). Please note your choice in the commentary.

Puchi Award is a joint venture by La Casa Encendida and Fulgencio Pimentel aimed to give recognition to the most brilliant and original book proposals, regardless of genre, focusing only in their audacity and its connection with contemporary languages. Last March, a jury composed of Manuel Borrás (publisher at Pre-Textos), Nick Currie (a.k.a. Momus, Scottish musician), and representatives from LCE and FP has chosen the winning project amongst more than 600 submissions.

john pham "j+k" from fulgenciopimentel on Vimeo.

November 2017
Hardcover, clothbound. 17 x 22,3 cm (6.7' x 8.8').
144 + 32 + 16 pages. 3 colors
29.90 €